Add Yahoo Buzz button to your blog Post

Yahoo Buzz can be your excellent traffic-maker if your story is interesting and get to Yahoo! homepage. The First Step to get it is to put a Yahoo! Buzz button to your blog so that people can vote your entry up. Adding a Yahoo! Buzz button is not too complicated if you follow my steps below

Step 1. Choose your favorite button from Yahoo! Buzz that fitted well with your site design (large button with vote count -Square Button - is highly recommended), then click “Get Code”.

Step 2. If you have selected the Square Button the code will be like this

<script type="text/javascript" src="" badgetype="square">ARTICLEURL</script>

Step 3. Replace the ARTICLEURL with . After replaced, your code will look like this

<script type="text/javascript" src="" badgetype="square"><data:post.url/></script>

Step 4. Now go to your Blogger account

Step 5. Go to Layout -> Edit HTML

Step 6. The best place to display Yahoo! Buzz button is under the Post Title and on the right. Because of the variation of blogger templates on the web, I recommend you put Yahoo! Buzz code above the tag <data:post.body/>. We will add style to the button to make it float to the right. Yeah, more beautiful

Your template code will look something like this

<div   style='float:right;padding:5px;'><script badgetype='square'   src=''   type='text/javascript'><data:post.url/></script></div> 


Of course, if you want it float to the left, it is fine. Change the code float:right; to float:left;

Step 7. Save your template, see your work and start buzzing up your posts. Hey, do not try to spam their page or you will be banned

If you have any issues in adding the Buzz button to your blog, feel free to leave a comment here