santa to banta

Santa: Oye tu har message Do dafa q karta hay?
Banta: Taa k tu aik Forward kar de to doosra tere pas rahay!

sardar ka interview

Ek sardar ji ka Electric Engineer ki post k liye interview tha.
Interviewer: Electric motor kaisay chalti hai?
Sardar ji: TorrRrrRrrRrrrrRrrr

sardar with wife

A sardar & his wife were waiting for train.
Itne me KHYBER MAIL aa gai.
Sardar bhag k train me charha or apni wife se bola: Jab KHYBER FEMALE aye to aajana .

amercian to sardar

American to Sardaji: Hamaray country main 90% shadiyan Email se hoti hain
Sardarji: kamal hai hamaray desh main 100% shadiyan Female se hoti hain

sardar k baapki death

Ek Sardar baap ki death pe buhut roya, phir uski sister ka phone aya. Phone sunkar wo aur bhi ronay laga. Logon ne pucha kyon ro rahay ho?
Sardar: meri behen k abbu ka bhi intiqaal hogaya.


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