Linux Commands You Need to Know as Web Developer

As web developer, somewhere along the line, you’ll meet unix or linux shell. For those who never use unix/linux before, it could be frustate to deal with shell command.

For a simple thing as list files in current directory to extract zip files. So here a quick list commands you probably need for your next journey. In my opinion, it won’t hurt you to learn some of linux shell commands. Take a quick look, and maybe you have familiar with some of them.

  • chmod - change permission of a file or directory

    Linux has something called permission on file or folder.

    r - Read permission. Permission to read a file or browse a folder

    w - Write permission. Permission to write to file or create new file in the folder

    x - Execute permission. Permission to execute file

    $ls -al
    -rw-r--r-- 1 gchandrasa gchandrasa 43 2009-02-15 15:00 sample.txt

    the first 3 characters after -, rw- belong to users permission.

    the second 3 characters r-- belong to group permission.

    the third 3 characters r-- belong to others user permission.

    One way to change this permission is using the number

    r = 4

    w = 2

    x = 1

    So if you want to change the sample.txt permission to others, give read and write permissions.

    r = 4 and w = 2, so rw = 4 + 2 = 6

    $chmod 646 sample.txt

    Give read and write permission to users, read permission to group, and read and write permission to others.

  • cd - change directory

    Use this command to change your current directory.

    Example : you need to change directory to Documents

    $ cd Documents

  • cp - copy files and directories

    Example : copy file index.php from directory a to directory b

    $ cp a/index.php b/

  • ls - list files in a directory

    Example : list files in current directory

    $ ls

    Example : list files in current directory, and show hidden files.

    $ ls -a

  • man - display manual for a command
    $ man mv

  • mkdir - create new directories
    $ mkdir newfolder

  • mv - move (rename) files

    Use this command to move your file(s) or to rename file(s).

    $ mv oldfolder newfolder

  • rm - remove files or directories.

    Delete all files with extension jpg in current directory.

    $ rm *.jpg

  • tar - The GNU version of the tar archiving utility

    Untar and extract file

    $ tar -xvf test.tar.bz2

  • unzip - list, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive

    Extract file zip

    $ unzip